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How to Form A Union
Where You Work

  • Do you want to make real improvements in your workplace?
  • Do you want to more control over your hours, benefits and working conditions?
  • Do you want to have some guarantees at work in writing?

If you answer yes to the above questions, it's time to form a union where you work!

First things First: Know Your Rights At Work!

Federal and state laws guarantee your right to form a union. Employees who are eligible* to form unions have the following rights at work:

  • You have the right to read, distribute and discuss union literature
  • You have the right to encourage your co-workers to form a union
  • You have the right to attend union meetings
  • You have the right to wear union buttons, t-shirts, stickers, hats and other union items on the job.
  • You also enjoy many other rights covered under your constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of association.

U.S. Law Says: The National Labor Relations Act states your rights at work: "Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representation of their own choosing and to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining . . .”  

*Supervisors (employees who can hire, fire and discipline) and a few other kinds of employees aren't eligible to form unions under these same laws. When you contact us, we can help clarify eligibility and explain the laws that cover your right to form a union.

Next Step: Contact a Union Organizer and get Educated and Motivated!

UNITE HERE wants you to have the opportunity to enjoy the same dignity and respect, good wages and decent working conditions that our union members already have.

UNITE HERE has full-time union organizers who can explain the process of forming a union in your workplace and make sure you know your rights every step of the way.

To make sure that we can respond as quickly as possible, please fill out as much information on this form as you can. All information is kept confidential.

First Name:
Last Name:
Name of Your Company:
Company Location:

About how many people work at your company?

What are the problems where you work that might make you consider organizing a union?

Other information/comments:

Get Ready to Build Power on the Job and Good Luck!

Today, more people are taking the steps to form a union at work than at any time in recent history.

UNITE HERE is a recently merged union with twice the members and twice the power that we had before. UNITE HERE has a very active international organizing department because we are dedicated to giving working people the opportunity to form a union at work. We look forward to you contacting us so we can work together to share our knowledge, strength and influence to improve your job.









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