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Social Security

Let's Get the Facts!

Is Social Security "flat” broke?

NO! Social Security has a $1.5 trillion surplus in its Trust Fund. We can pay full benefits to all retirees, disabled workers, and survivors of deceased workers until the year 2042, at least. After that Social Security can pay 75% of all the benefits that have been promised.

Will private accounts fix the system?

NO! Private accounts take money out of Social Security, and they cost trillions of dollars to set up. Private accounts weaken Social Security.

Then why does the President want to create private accounts?

Wall Street Greed! A few lucky Wall Street companies will make more than $490 billion in profits if these private accounts are created.

It is up to us! Social Security is ours – our program, our money, our future!

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Tell Congress to Strengthen Social Security, Not Destroy It. Click here to find out how.
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Strengthen Social Security. Don't Destroy It.

Talk to your grandchildren about Social Security! Click here for information. Click here.

Tell your Senator that you oppose privatization of Social Security! Click here for information.

Sign a petition to save Social Security, and get your family and friends to sign! Click here.

Is Social Security in Trouble? (English | Spanish)
The biggest THREAT to Social Security is the
President's plan to PRIVATIZE it flyer. To customize fliers, please go to:


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