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Steward Resources

This section is designed to help UNITE stewards and other local leaders who need information or answers to questions that come up as you perform the crucial job of representing UNITE members. The information is divided into the different topics listed below.

Some of the resources are "pdf" files, which require Acrobat Reader open and read. If you do not already have this program, you can download Acrobat Reader here, or contact the Computer Services Department for help (212-352-4790).

Political Action

Join the UNITE HERE Activist Network
Receive regular news about the UNION and action alerts about specific campaigns and legislation.

Register to Vote: Voter registration materials and online resources.

Electronic Activist
An excellent resource for locating your elected officials and for learning how to start up political activity in your area.

THOMAS: Congressional and Senate voting records:
Search online for Congressional bills and view the Congressional record.

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Grievance Handling

Discipline Grievance Fact Sheet
A useful tool for stewards investigating discipline grievances. It covers the questions that need to be answered, including questions covering the principles of just cause (favoritism, knowledge of the rule, fair rules, etc.)

Grievance Fact Sheet
A useful tool for stewards when investigating grievances. The fact sheet lists most of the routine questions a steward needs to ask about a grievance.

Grievance Tracking Log
A format for centralizing information about grievance deadlines to avoid missing them.

Hoja de datos sobre quejas por medidas disciplinarias
Spanish version of Discipline Grievance Fact Sheet (See above)

How To Investigate A Grievance
A short list of the major questions a steward should answer before presenting a grievance.

Interviewing the Grievant
A list for stewards of questions, ideas, and items to think about when interviewing workers with grievances.

The Union Has a Right to Company Information
A handout which describes the kind of information the company must give the union, how to ask for information, and typical company arguments and excuses.

Using Past Practice Grievances To Stop Unwanted Changes
This handout gives a definition of past practices, and lists the major reasons why a company may be allowed to change a past practive.

Know Your Rights Under The Family and Medical Leave Act
A description of the basic provisions for workers of the FMLA.

Sample Information Request
A basic format and an example of a simple request for information from the company.

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Moblizing the Membership

Building a One-on-One Communication Network
A description of what it takes to set up a one-on-one communication network in a workplace.

Form: Action Plan
A simple form which can be used to write down the steps that need to be taken to bring off a successful event or to accomplish any goal.

Local Union Workplace Survey
A short, general survey designed to find out what the major work problems are in a workplace or local union.

Stewards Are The Key Link
A graphic depiction of the steward's central role in the life of the local union.

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Health & Safety

Laundry Health & Safety Inspection Checklist
Checklist of potential safety hazards in an industrial laundry

Laundry Health & Safety Inspection Checklist - Spanish
Checklist of potential safety hazards in an industrial laundry, Spanish version

Laundry Health & Safety Inspection Form
Forms to use when conducting a laundry health and safety inspection, including a form specifically for soil room inspections

Laundry Health & Safety Truck Checklist
Checklist of potential safety hazards in an industrial laundry delivery truck

Safety Committee Checklist
Checklist staff can use with members to evaluate the functioning of a plant safety committee

Soiled Linen Fact Sheet
Fact sheet warning laundry workers of the risk of contracting Hepatitis B

Soiled Linen Memo
Memo from UNITE's Health and Safety Dept. describing the health risks associated with handling soiled linen, particularly Hepatitis B

Soiled Linen Posting
Poster for bulletin boards warning laundry workers of the risk of contracting Hepatitis B

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Immigrant Member Issues

Changes in Immigration Law: Late 'Amnesty'
(English and Spanish)

Summary of LIFE law changes affecting certain persons

Changes in Immigration Law: New V & K Visas
(English and Spanish)

Summary of changes to the temporary V and temporary K visas

Immigrant Issues in the Workplace (English and Spanish)
Outline of workplace issues, including employer sanctions, INS raids and social security letters

Legal Immigration Family Equity (LIFE) Act of 2000
Summary of the limited benefits of the LIFE act

What to Do in a Raid
"Do you know what to do if your factory is raided?"

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